Gary Vaynerchuk: a note on competition

A short commentary on what it means to ‘win’

In my opinion this is one of the greatest episodes I’ve seen to date, and even though Gary says at the end that it’s the kind of episode no one remembers or talks about, there was a lot for those who have reached a certain level of perspective (I’ve been with Gary since, episode maybe 54 or something — he’s literally built my perspective).

Just imagine for a moment what kind of perspective and belief you have to hold in order to say “I’m going to build the biggest building”, and if you listen closely he then says “…and I just genuinely believe that 95% of people that look like me, their strategy is to tear down everybody else’s foothold” — this guy’s winning because of his own perspective on ‘competition’ — I might be wrong but if he actually believes that he’s going to build the biggest building then he’s not even in competition with you, so there’s no point in him tearing down your foothold.

Honey Empire, Bitches

He wants you to win, he says it all the time, he desperately wants you to win so badly because there’s no one who can do you better than you vise versa there’s no one else who can be Gary better than Gary Vaynerchuk. What’s important is HOW you win. If you win doing you then you’ve won, but if you win by being someone else (trying to be someone else) then you lose.

Therefore because there’s no one else like you (with your set of experiences/perspectives), then no one else can compete with you — so the whole point is to first find yourself/your truth, then go 100% all in and only then can you build the biggest building, because the building is YOU!

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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