Thanks for taking the time to respond Vico. I like your style of writing and personally relate to the article you linked. Publishing personal pieces and revealing parts of your true self online has always been a personal fear of mine, but I’ve recently decided to lean into that fear and see where it leads.

Also, I 100% empathize with your above point and it’s something I’m also experiencing…for the last week of Nov my smartphone article generated .46 cents or something haha.

I still believe my goal is achievable but there’s something more sinister at play here, at least for me personally. If you happened to read this article you would know that I’ve been ‘chasing’ money for a long time…and I almost started doing it again.

Thanks to a little self-awareness I’m re-accessing things. I still have the goal of replacing my income, but will be refocusing my energy into learning the craft of writing itself, instead of trying to focus too heavily on stats etc.

I’ve heard time and time again, “don’t follow the money” (sounds similar to Gollum in lotr, saying, “Don’t follow the lights” haha), and, just as they had to navigate The Dead Marshes I think Medium presents a similar challenge. If you focus on the Notifications and the Views and the Reads, your writing will grow weak and your voice won’t be heard above the noise.

After all, we’re writers, not statisticians (I failed stats at university, twice). I may have digressed slightly here, but I was just vibing off your other article on Sincerity — it earned you a follower #analytics

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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