Really enjoyed reading this Alex. As someone who’s always eager to build more perspective I think your contribution came by simply encouraging me to look at Musk/Tesla/SpaceX as more of a mess.

And it is! The human, if you can refer to him as such, is CEO of 3 companies and although he no doubt has a team behind him, what he’s achieving is being done so at such a rapid pace that there’s bound to be pieces thrown all over the floor.

That said, it’s still beautiful to watch and while doing so recently I saw his talk Making Life Multiplanetary. You can literally feel what he’s invested and the entire audience is hanging on every word — even if it’s repeated three times. I mean no disrespect by such a comment, but rather write it to point out that it’s for that very reason that makes him a leader. It makes him human and that makes him relatable. And although appearing super-human, he leaves crumbs for us to follow.

To move back to your article while staying on topic, here’s another snippet of raw emotion. Skip to 39:34 and watch him as he answers the question; Do you ever feel pressure by others expectations, of you and your endeavors in light of the progress you’ve made thus far? What you see in the response is the vast pool of emotion that has been, and continues to be, slowly and consistently poured into creating his Monster.

The shear sacrifice is evident by just looking at him and observing how he expresses himself. I’ve read the below comments and your tactful responses. I have nothing but respect for your Dad and his achievements. After all, success takes character.

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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