Thanks for taking the time to reply, I think I like your point more. It’s an easy place to get lost, the internet…and it’s also easy to misinterpret things/people on it.

I think we’ve done both in our own way, or perhaps it’s just me — but my original issue was with your morning routine and bombarding yourself with notifications first thing in the morning. It sounds as though you’re in a somewhat important position given your control over a server, but just as with the server, sometimes we don’t hold as much control as we might like.

With this in mind, back to the article. I believe it’s mostly self help, as a lot of Srinivas’s articles are and it’s focused mostly on our mornings. Most humans have little control over our lives, even if we hold onto that false belief, but there are things we can do to increase the consistency of healthy living. Now I agree with your point on this being a relative term and that maybe we’re banging our heads against the wall and you feel healthy reading blog posts and I books (which you’ve stated), but never-the-less it’s been a good bit of back and forth.

To disappointingly fuck up an answer to your question on e-book VS. paperback I’m not really qualified as I don’t have a Kindle or similar, and perhaps that’s just it; people argue reading paperback because that’s actually all they do. And for the sake of it and those on my side, I’ll note the following:

  • holding books/turning pages feels nice
  • paper pages don’t glare when sitting in the sun
  • my book doesn’t run out of battery

There’s also quite a high chance that the storage of more than one book on a device will lead to me constantly changing the book I’m reading if I get bored — I’ve got terrible discipline at the moment. I’m actually curious about how you said you can’t disconnect, is that because you feel you can’t summon the will or your work doesn’t allow it, or you haven’t bothered thinking about it?

I will finish in agreement though, as you’ve tickled my imagination with your paradigm shift comment. At first I was like bah humbug at your printing press, but the form of writing replacing oral expression is much more interesting. I’m not sure when that occurred, as we’ve got scrolls going back thousands of years, but I can just imagine a gathering of people and Mr. Fancy-man sitting in the corner reading his fancy squiggles on his fancy paper and everyone remarking at what an idiot he is.

So carry on my dear fellow, I’m probably just an idiot whose about to miss the boat to some transcendent evolutionary step.

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.