I’m the same. If I read a great comment then I’ll drop into the profile and have a look around, which is why I think ‘responding’ is sort of necessary if you’re a writer on this platform, whose also trying to build a community.

Curations like these will probably boost your following as well, as it becomes a kind of service to the community. I’m not sure about you but I don’t really think the Medium Digest is particularly good, it just sort of sends out pieces from those who you follow.

And how do you know that those that you follow will keep writing content that you’re interested in?

What I think could help to grow not only an individual writers community, but also the Medium community as a whole, would be if more writers wrote an introduction type article to themselves and what they’re trying to achieve and even what they believe etc.

Sometimes I wonder why a follower is following me, and in turn, who they actually are. I can discover a little bit from their articles etc, but some content often seems repetitive and of the ‘How to, What I learned, Listicle’ variety. I want to follow people who have a specific aim and are writing content which builds towards that aim, which means I need to know who they are to a degree, hence the need for an introductory piece.

What are your thoughts on that idea and would you be interested in working together on a design/template for such an article?

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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