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I think that we’re balancing on a tightrope between exposure and the writing itself. Yes, we need exposure, but at the same time, if what we’re writing isn’t original and interesting then why should it be in the ‘community stream’?

I’ve been writing for 8 months and have only just figured out what I want to write about and it’s original simply because the content is infused with my own experience/who I am/what I believe etc., along with just as much information about topics I’m actually writing on.

You can look at this problem two ways.

  1. Medium needs to give my content more exposure, or
  2. I need to create better content

I think #2 is where most up and coming writers are placed. Like I said, I read a lot of writing that feels repetitive, which is a symptom of a bigger problem around ‘writing for the views’ rather than writing something with actual value. What’s missing, in my opinion, are the differential elements between pieces. I could select certain articles on Medium and change the by line without really affecting the content of the article.

My point is that I don’t really know who the author is and that’s the reason behind writing an introductory piece. Obviously this isn’t true for all authors/articles. There are established authors I know a lot about and who integrate a lot of themselves in pieces. The focus is on up and coming writers who are struggling to get attention for their work, and, in a desperate attempt to draw that attention, are writing the repetitive pieces described earlier.

So getting back to the point, the struggle isn’t between the writer and Medium, it’s between the writer and the reader/follower. The next question being, why is that follower following my work?, which hints at there being a reason for the reader to keep coming back to your work because its original and it’s also building towards the aim you’ve set out.

I think if we solve the aim problem, which is set out in the introductory article, then we solve the exposure problem as well as the ‘better content’ issue.

Idk, these are big problems, but I think that the introductory article has a place in solving it. In my opinion this article is the best one to feature and it’s also an article that changes over time as you evolve as a writer and progress towards your aim/perhaps even change your aim. It could be like a running history of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Medium definitely has its shortcomings, but the infrastructure is what’s important and I think that if the above path were followed, the algorithms would reward you in your journey.


Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.