I can’t express how much I value the time you’ve spent reading it, it’s a big ask and I don’t expect many others, if any, to read its entirety.

I’m glad you appreciate the way it’s been written and can understand that it wasn’t really possible to write it another way, and hopefully you will benefit more deeply in following where things grow from here (of course, through much shorter essays).

To have an understanding of your authentic Self is an incredibly high achievement, in my opinion, so well done. I hold a lot of respect for the decision to write under your own name and express the real you in the Wild West of the World Wide Web.

Having discovered what I have, I feel there are untold benefits in doing so, and, although difficult, the more your online Self is a reflection of your real life the closer you come to self-realization.

Good-luck on the investment, I hope it pays a high dividend and I look forward to reading the report, if you share it.

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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