heygorman, this essay is the best I’ve read on Medium to date and curiously my interest was initially sparked by the 50 minute reading time.

I took it as a challenge because I recently published an 80 minute piece and wanted to know what it felt like to read another writers piece that expected such an investment. It’s actually taken me three hours to read but I’ve enjoyed every one.*

A brilliantly written and thoughtfully constructed piece which has not only taught me a lot about writing, but also of life. Thanks for taking the time to share it and in such raw and beautiful prose.

*I do have one question though. How the hell do you write in such detail? I’m not taking away from your 10+ years of writing, but to remember the contents of a burger eight months after eating it is extraordinary. Do you keep a journal or some-such record, or simply have a photographic memory?

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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