For all those asking, here’s a link to Tim’s book. I found it on, ah, his website, where he said he’d put it (smh):

Also, I decided to do the experiment myself and wrote an ebook in 30 days. It’s about 15,000 words long, broken into 7 chapters. It was an incredible exercise and I learned a lot, just as Tim promises. The only problem is that I have no real audience, or presence online, so haven’t sold any copies yet. Because of this, I published it on Amazon Kindle, thinking I might get some platform traffic, but so far nothing. I’ll admit, the book is in a pretty small niche so that’s definitely part of the problem and I’ve also done no marketing for it so that’s an obvious step that needs attention.

As for the price, I started it at $19.95 but have not dropped it to $0.99 just to see if I get any sales and perhaps build some reviews.

For anyone wondering whether or not they should try to write an e-book in 30 days and complete the experiment themselves, I recommend it 100%. Regardless of the results, the value you get from simply writing it is worth the effort, not to mention that the feeling of completing a book, even if it’s only 40 pages or so, is incredible.

The main takeaway that I would give you is that to succeed in selling your ebook on the same level as Tim’s friend, you first need to establish an online audience or at least an email list of a few hundred people to jump-start your sales. And also, the other thing about building an online presence is that it’s much harder to build it through your website these days, instead, I recommend that you build it here on Medium or another platform. That’s where everyone hangs out, so that’s where you should set up shop.

If you’re interested, you can find my e-book here.

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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