Although, you have to admit, the dynamic would be completely different without her, and, in my opinion, discordant. Her presence is subtle but necessary.

I think what I love most, however, are the the tangents that the panel go down. Especially Yoshimi, his imagination is brilliant.

Also, I feel like I’ve become a better listener for watching as the participants appear to really listen to each other. And, in terms of acknowledgement in conversation, they either nod or say ‘hmm’ instead of reply ‘Yeah’ to everything. In my opinion this non-verbal engagement encourages the speaker to continue speaking rather than pause in reaction to the verbal response.

So now I do a lot more ‘hmm-ing’ and I feel like I’m slowing down my interactions and really hearing what people are saying.

Of course, it’s still a reality tv show, regardless of whether it appears as though its simply following mundane life. There is some acting involved, but there’s also a rawness and authenticity that isn’t observed in Western reality shows. I find that the Japanese way of life highlights what’s missing in Western mannerisms, but that’s not to say those aspects aught to be missed, rather it’s just nice to become aware of, and reflect on, the different ways of being.

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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