Although I agree that there is great content on the internet, I disagree with most of what you’re saying. The article is mostly about those first three hours, and the possible damage looking at your smart phone is doing to your brain. I myself switch my phone to airplane mode before I sleep and then leave it on for the first 90 minutes of my day. I have to say this habit makes me feel a lot more measured and present in the morning.

In my opinion, reading a book over breakfast and a tea (particularly because of it’s long form nature) is more meditative, than reading through several separate articles/blog posts.

Also one last point. We’re not machines. And even though it appears as such with our constant focus on productivity and efficiency, until we create some kind of bionic contact lens for our eyes, I don’t think looking at screens from dawn till dusk is very healthy.

Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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