Consider yourself on a train. You, who have read 1984, changing tracks and moving away from I, who have not. However, note that I do not travel alone, you’re all…

recorded for posterity, to be continued under ALEXANDER RYAN


Life is full of lessons and sometimes we have the opportunity to relearn the same lesson. It’s all good baby, baby. In 2018 I learned, or was gifted the insight, that a disintegration is experienced in the Self when we divide into a personal/private self and a professional or public self. At the time, it was a liberating breakthrough, and, upon attending class that day, I left feeling relaxed in who I AM. Then, in mid 2020, I found myself enrolled in the same class again.

To cut a long story short, I had decided to develop my freelance writing…

The Angelus by Jean-François Millet

Of you who gnos, and yet does not
the overstand that wisdom tells. Of royalty,
that sets you free. Hear now,
of Generosity.

In all that lives and dies, there lies
in us and you and Cerberus.
A melody to set us free, our
most generous.

Lest we forget, our fallen souls
that fought for freedoms prize, of
liberation in their cries, “Viva!
la Vida!

And you and I, the Angelus
of noble birth, a messenger
of traits ideal, from Underworld
Hark! the bells, this day is past.

Our plough at rest, our heads bowed low,
a prayer in heart, the…


Build an app that notes your progress, success and failures with regard to your personal character traits.
Work ethic
Self belief
Self esteem (your own levels of self esteem)…


Stage II is like a call to action for humanity. Saying, stop and think about how much has happened already. We have enough data to make decisions that result in…


Perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to each other is a greater understanding of ourselves.

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